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Tax Advisory Services

SAWGRASS CPA ADVISORS is a tax advisory firm that offers advanced tax reduction to entrepreneurs, franchisees, real estate investors and business owners who pay too much in tax. We translate your personal financial goals into targeted action steps designed to maximize your tax position We assist you in growing your wealth and keeping more of what you earn.

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Tax Advisory Offerings that Sawgrass CPA Advisors provides:

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Keep more after-tax earnings

We understand where you spend money and determine ways to reduce your tax income and maximize your legal tax deductions. We also optimize your tax credits to get you back all the tax reductions that you qualify for.

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Lower your tax rate

We hear about big corporations and elite high net worth individuals that pay the lowest tax rates available in the news all the time. Sawgrass CPA Advisors brings these highly sought after sophisticated tax strategies to our clients. Why get trapped in the highest tax bracket if it is not necessary?

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Maximize legal deductions

We start by understanding your spending and investments and then we identify opportunities to legally reduce your taxes by maximizing your deductions. Are you maximizing your retirement contributions? Do you currently receive all the fringe benefits you are entitled to? Are you able to benefit from accelerated depreciation strategies? Are there other things you currently pay for that can qualify as a legal write off for your business?

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We are CPA Advisors that listen, understand and offer a new perspective so you can take your business to the next level. We take the time to get to know you, your business and your goals. We work with you to develop creative solutions that are in line with your mission. Once we understand your business and your goals better, we can help you make better decisions.

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We develop an overall strategy tailored to you and your specific goals. We provide clear action plans to use as a blueprint to help you achieve your objectives efficiently. We understand that success requires both high level strategic thinking and attention to detail – we provide both.

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We make tax time a breeze because we plan and implement our tax strategies with you before the end of the tax year. The earlier you begin the tax planning process, the more time we have to make adjustments and recommendations that optimize your taxes position, not only for the current tax year, but for many years to come.

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