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We’ve been growing in the construction accounting area for over 20 years. This industry is complex and challenges seem to arise in different areas of the business. Sawgrass CFO Advisors understands accounting for this challenging business. From the percentage of completion method required by GAAP for financial statement reporting to the contrasting completed contract method often applied for tax purposes, we are familiar with this business and can help you navigate through the complexities and simplify your reporting process. 

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How can our Virtual CFO Services help your construction industry business?

We know industry benefits

We can help you take advantage of industry specific benefits that exist for property owners and real estate developers such as cost segregation studies, capitalizing certain expenditures and taking advantage of depreciation on equipment purchases.

Navigate and stay the course through good times and bad

One thing seems to be certain in construction and real estate: the market is always changing. Good times are often followed by periods of decreased growth or stagnant conditions. Supply chain issues and escalations have become a major focus in recent years. The trick is to make your business lean and flexible enough to thrive in any condition. Make a fiscal plan and stick to the plan, no matter what happens. Set aside reserves and build your wealth, not just your company value. If this sounds overwhelming, we can help.

Exponentially increase your financing options with high-quality accounting

Banks and investors often consider the integrity of your accounting in making decisions about your business. Perhaps sending internally prepared financial statements from your accountant or bookkeeper is simply not enough to qualify. You can significantly increase the chances of landing a better financing arrangement with the help of a qualified advisor. Many of our construction and real estate clients have received improved financing terms because of their relationship with us and the work we provide.

Exit strategy and long-term planning

We can help you increase the value of your business to achieve your ultimate goals. Passing your business down to the next generation or initiating a major transaction such as a merger or acquisition requires patience, good planning and precision. We can help get you there through open communication where you articulate your concerns and fears and we address each one together.

How Can We Help You Grow?

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